Ripsaw Records, Books, and Collectibles is a great place to find that rare (or not so rare) record, book, or other item that you have been looking for at a fair price. If you can't find what you want, please email me or come back in two weeks. I have many items not yet listed and add new items constantly.

It does take time to list items.  So, on occasion, an item may not yet have a price, picture, or shipping cost listed.  If you are interested in an incompletely listed item, please email me, and I will get that information to you directly.



Ripsaw Records is an independent roots rock 'n' roll record label that I co-founded in 1976. Until the September 2010 release of the Martí Brom album, its last previous release was in 1990.  Most of the earlier titles, however, have been licensed to other labels and re-released since. Its releases included rockabilly, jump blues, bluegrass, and other rock 'n' roll roots music. Many of the original releases are available here, but a few are sold out.

Also available are rock 'n' roll, blues, country & western, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, pop, show tune, and Latin musical recordings in all formats (78s, 45s, LPs, CDs).  There are also some children's recordings, as well as the occasional ethnic (for example, Czech or Polish) or classical music recordings.



Ripsaw Books sells books largely acquired by inheritance. Many are vintage and of historical or collectible interest, although many others are more current. The range of subjects is broad - fiction, biography, alternative health, railroads and trains, sports (mainly baseball), history, film and movies, and music (jazz, blues, country & western, rockabilly, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, pop music, and show tunes primarily).

Ripsaw Books also will sell magazines and hopes to start listing them soon. If there are any that you have an interest in, please let me know so I can let you know if I have them.



Ripsaw Collectibles sells items of collector interest.  One principal focus is artwork, primarily prints (including pin-ups), but also an occasional original oil.   Another focus is vintage sheet music. Other items should be of interest to Americana collectors, as well as those with an interest in stamps (first day covers), sports, tobacco (including ashtrays), beer, and other advertising memorabilia.

Jonathan Strong, owner